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Sewable Micromotor 3pcs

Sewable Micromotor 3pcs

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Add vibration and touch sensations to your fabrics with our Sewable Micromotor. It only has three pins – Power, Ground, and Signal. To make it work, connect the Signal pin to high using a resistor (10k works well). This activates the motor. It runs on 3.3V to 5.5V. Easy to set up and use in your projects.


1. Wearables & Fashion:

  • Notification Garments: Integrate the motor into clothing to give tactile alerts for incoming phone calls, messages, or app notifications.
  • Interactive Dance Outfits: Design costumes that vibrate in response to specific beats or rhythms in music.
  • Fitness Clothing: Clothes that vibrate as a reminder to maintain posture, or when a specific heart rate is reached during workouts.

2. Health & Well-being:

  • Relaxation Accessories: Design scarves or neck pillows with calming vibrational patterns to relieve stress or help in meditation.
  • Therapeutic Garments: Clothing items that provide vibrational therapy for sore muscles.
  • Reminders: Items like wristbands that vibrate to remind wearers to take their medication or perform specific exercises.

3. Safety & Functional Uses:

  • Navigation Shoes: Shoes that vibrate to give directional cues based on GPS navigation (left shoe vibrates for a left turn and vice versa).
  • Safety Vests: Vests that vibrate to alert wearers about potential hazards, useful for cyclists or workers in noisy environments where auditory alerts may be missed.
  • Sleep Alert Bands: For drivers or operators of heavy machinery, bands that vibrate to alert wearers when drowsiness is detected.

4. Gaming & Entertainment:

  • Interactive Gaming Garments: Jackets or gloves that vibrate in response to in-game events, enhancing immersion.
  • VR/AR Clothing: Enhance virtual or augmented reality experiences with haptic feedback.
  • Cinema Experience: Wearables that vibrate in sync with movie events, offering an immersive viewing experience.

5. Art & Performances:

  • Interactive Art Installations: Textile-based art pieces that vibrate in response to viewer interactions or specific triggers.
  • Performance Costumes: Costumes that provide haptic feedback to performers, aiding in choreography or to enhance the emotional experience.

6. Kids & Toys:

  • Tactile Storybooks: Storybooks with characters or elements that vibrate to enhance storytelling for children.
  • Interactive Plush Toys: Toys that vibrate in response to specific actions, like hugging or tapping.
  • Learning Aids: Educational tools that use vibration as a form of feedback during quizzes or interactive learning sessions.

7. Everyday Accessories:

  • Alarm Clock Pillow: Pillows that gently vibrate to wake up individuals without the need for loud alarms.
  • Vibrating Reminder Bands: Bands that can be set to vibrate at specific intervals, useful for tasks like timing cooking or taking breaks from work.
  • Interactive Bags: Backpacks or purses that vibrate to alert users about forgotten items, or to signal that they've been left open.
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