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LED Ravens T-Shirt

LED Ravens T-Shirt

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Ravens LED T-Shirt

Step up your style with this unique Ravens T-Shirt. It combines a finely embroidered raven design with a modern touch: a glowing LED eye.


  • LED Accent: The raven's eye comes alive with an embroidered LED, adding a dynamic touch to the embroidered design.

  • Long Battery Life: The LED is powered by a coin cell battery, lasting over 70 hours. When it runs low, replacing the battery is easy.

  • !!!Works in Wet Conditions!!!: The shirt's design ensures that even if it gets wet, the LED eye will still shine brightly.

  • Detailed Embroidery: The stitched raven showcases the craftsmanship, giving the shirt a premium look.

If you're looking for a shirt that combines classic art with a touch of tech, this is it. Grab yours and showcase a blend of tradition and innovation!

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