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Digital Fiber

Drake Inspired Scarf

Drake Inspired Scarf

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Brighten your dog's look and safety with our Snap-On LED Dog Bandana, designed for dogs with necks up to 18 inches.


**Key Features:**


1. Cutting-Edge LED Embroidery: This bandana features state-of-the-art LED embroidery, an exciting new technology that adds a unique flair to your dog's style while ensuring visibility during nighttime walks.


**2. Splash-Friendly:** This bandana is built to handle water, so your pup can enjoy adventures, rain or shine. There is no risk of shock.


**3. Easy to Clean:** Our bandana is easy to wash - just a gentle hand wash is best to keep it in great shape.


**4. Long-Lasting:** With a battery that lasts for over 70 hours, you won't need to change it often. The battery is discreetly hidden inside of the bandana. 


**5. Simple to Use:** No need to tie knots - it's easy to snap on for a secure fit.

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