• What is LED embroidery?

    LED embroidery is a craft where small lights are sewn directly into fabric, creating designs that light up. It's a creative and eye-catching way to enhance traditional embroidery, adding a touch of modern flair to your stitched creations.

  • Can LED embroideries be washed?

    Yes, LED embroideries can be safely hand-washed and machine washed. Machine drying is also possible though not reccommended.

  • How are the LEDs powered?

    Led embroideries are typically powered by a small coin cell or "watch battery". It gets tucked into a small pocket hidden on the garment. The stitching in the pocket provides electrical connection with no solid parts.

  • What if they get wet?

    Virtually nothing. Rain, spilled drinks, and thing of the sort are no problem. The LEDs will continue to work. The current the battery produces is too weak to be harmful.